Academic Advisement

Academic Advisement

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Academic advising at Denmark Technical College is a continuous process starting with the student’s identification of a major.

The purpose of academic advising is to assist students in planning and pursuing a program of study that will enable them to satisfy the requirements for an associate degree, diploma or certificate. After a student is admitted to a program of study, he or she is assigned a faculty advisor. The advisor is available throughout the period that the student is enrolled in the program to:

1. Assist the student in planning and facilitating a schedule of courses that are appropriate to the program of study;
2. Assist the student in making schedule changes;
3. Make referrals for students in situations that require the services of other areas of the College;
4. Maintain an individual file on the student’s progress
5. Assist the student with questions and concerns about his or her program of study and career opportunities; and
6. Complete and submit all materials the student needs for notification of graduation to Enrollment Services.

Advisors are required to meet with each student advisee a minimum of two times per semester.

In addition, during the semester, student advisees are given a report on their course grades every two weeks. These two-week progress reports are sent to faculty advisors who schedule special counseling sessions for students who are having academic difficulty. Faculty advisors post their office hours in the appropriate areas and announce the hours to each advisee. Appointments are made with students who are unable to meet with advisors during the regularly scheduled office hours.

Students are responsible for following all policies and procedures concerning academic advising. Students are allowed to change academic advisors in special situations. Only the Division Dean with the approval of the Vice President for Academic Affairs may authorize advisor changes.